Loan without credit check

admin / January 29, 2020

Loans without proof of credit Since the network is omnipresent and the daily life of many people without it is no longer conceivable, there is something that one would not even have thought before that it existed at all, such as a credit without a proof of credit. Thus, the question arises, what is that? In the context of granting…

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Credit default rates – relatively low in Switzerland

admin / January 9, 2020

Default rates are one of the most important indicators in the credit business. Fortunately, they are at a very low level in Switzerland: the market leader for personal loans recorded an NPL ratio of just 0.6% on their consumer loan portfolio last year. Capital lender can also look forward to extremely low figures in its first year of operations. NPL…

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How long does a loan payment.

admin / January 1, 2020

Often, customers ask us via Facebook or in a blog commentary how long it takes for their loan application to be processed and when the money will be paid out. A statutory waiting period and a right of return exist. When will the loan be disbursed? The payout period of the credit? Loan payment is the time the loan is…

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