Looking for Micro Credit from Peer to Peer Lending

admin / February 20, 2020

The growth of internet penetration in Indonesia is quite encouraging. It is predicted that this year the number of people who are internet literate will increase by 30 percent, aka around 70 million people. Not to mention if Google’s balloon so floated at various points throughout Indonesia that made people can access the internet faster. In addition, the increase in…

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Why banks refuse to repay loan fees

admin / February 2, 2020

According to the latest judgments by the Federal Court of Justice, banks are obliged to repay wrongly calculated loan fees from the past ten years. Due to the expected high demands, some banks refuse to reimburse with creative explanations. Statutory regulations and judgments on the admissibility. Some banks promptly respond to your letter with the request for repayment but regret…

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