Often, customers ask us via Facebook or in a blog commentary how long it takes for their loan application to be processed and when the money will be paid out. A statutory waiting period and a right of return exist. When will the loan be disbursed? The payout period of the credit? Loan payment is the time the loan is transferred from the bank to the borrower’s account.

Maximum payout: 7 acceleration tips

Maximum payout: 7 acceleration tips

That’s the Astro Finance payout: we’ll show it to you! The basis of each distribution is initially the loan application of the borrower, which is submitted and processed. The loan application can be submitted from home. However, you should take your time and fill in the documents carefully, the ambiguities and queries from the company Astro Finance cause a delay of the required payments.

The following information should therefore be presented in such a comprehensive and accurate manner that the Astro Finance payout is not delayed by requests that become necessary: ​​IncomePhrase your current income exactly and name the source (self-employed or dependent work)! Regular revenue at the same rate will accelerate your Astro Finance payout! The more realistic the ad is, the faster your Astro Finance payout will be!

Budget surplus personally believe that after deducting all expenses from your current income, there will be a sufficient excess from which you can make your debt service! Other loans How long does it take to get a loan from the company? This also determines whether and to what extent any further credits and obligations are to be served by the borrower!

Take time to complete the applications! Often, hectic and hasty processes lead to ambiguity or negligent errors that put off your Astro Finance payment due to necessary queries from Astro Finance clerks! How long the credit payment takes with us also depends on your customer behavior and your expertise!

Payment of a requested loan amount consists of 2 subareas

Payment of a requested loan amount consists of 2 subareas

The time until payment of a requested loan amount consists of 2 subareas. The loan application and its processing time. Duration of the withdrawal, including the due dates of the bank, after all supporting documents have been submitted and processed. You, as a Borrower, can make a vital contribution to preventing unnecessary requests from the Company by providing security and expertise in filling the online application and supporting documents, thereby significantly reducing the payout process!

Get the widest possible overview of your assets, expenses, budget surplus, and other loans and commitments! Create a personal income statement, preferably monthly! Please compile all important documents completely! In the case of missing documents, a credit note can already be postponed by the company !

Allow up to 3 working days for the bank’s term before your balance is finally on your account! Before applying for a loan, you should set up a to-do list and a checklist of all important receipts and records! Do not correct your application documents, as this can lead to confusion with the company and considerably slow down the payout process!

For example, a borrower who submits all credit documents to us on any day on any given day can expect the loan to arrive on his account the following day. Around two-thirds of the influence on the speed of a loan applied for by us is thus directly dependent on the borrower, with the remainder being processed by us and the banks involved in payment transactions.

No bank conditions or processing processes can be effectively influenced or even shortened by a borrower! The borrower has to do the crucial work in advance.